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Are you thinking of doing business in Nigeria?

Then the first step to implicate is to take charge of the name of your business either by CAC incorporation.

However, the Corporate Affairs Commission which is the Agency empowered by the Company and Allied Matters Act 1990, Pursuant to section 659 to register businesses operation in Nigeria.

It is the requirement of the law that you should register your business, if you are truly in for legitimate business in Nigeria.

Our charges are a bit affordable and lesser, you can trust us for that.

The categories for business registration in Nigeria are:

  • Business Name Registration
  • Private Limited Company (LTD)
  • Public Limited Company (PLC)
  • Company Limited by Guarantee (LTD/GTE)
  • Unlimited Company (ULTD)
  • Incorporated Trustee

Operating a business name as an individual is the cheapest and easiest way to start business.
I advise every startup entrepreneur and SME to go for business name, if their annual turnover is not yet up to a million. Also if your business is still a one man Business, go for business name.

It’s faster, cheaper, and can let you do any type of business.
You will be able to have a corporate bank account in the name of your business.

This is one way to build credibility and trust as an entrepreneur.

  1. 2 proposed company name
  2. Stamp Duty Fees
  3. Memorandum and Article of Association (MEMART)
  4. A Recognized means of Identification for Directors and Secretary

E.g Valid IDcard (Drivers License, National ID card, Voters Card, Int’l Passport and any Government IDs)

Proposed company address

Nature or Category of your company.

Duration ( 4 to 7days)

  • Registration of ( NGO)
  • Availability name
  • Procurement of application form which contains a memorandum for the guidance of application
  • Publication of notices in three (3) national dailies, one being a local newspaper widely circulated in the area where the organization is based.
  • ( newspaper publication alone cost 20k)
  • Submission of the duly completed application form in triplicate which should be accompanied by the following
  • A formal letter of application
  • The original newspaper publications
  • 2 copies of Applicant’s constitution
  • Minutes of the meeting whereat the trustees were appointed, having the list of members present and absent and showing the voting pattern, signed by Chairman and Secretary of the Board
  • Minutes of the meeting where the special clause rules was adopted into the constitution of the organization; signed by Secretary and Chairman
  • The impression of the common seal should be affixed on page 11 of the form and
  • Application form duly signed by Secretary and Chairman of the Board
  • NOTE:
  • Trustees here means Church, Club, Association, Mosque and NGO.
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