I had a conversation with a School Proprietor yesterday who confirmed that many schools will still be shut down by the Lagos State Ministry of Education, due to the recent incident.

She further explained to me that the Ministry of Education is closing down more schools and will soon be on the mainland for proper check.

She included that one vital way to escape your School from being shut down is to have your school name incorporated with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs commission (CAC).

CAC is coordinated by the Federal Government which is more powerful than the state government.


Having your school Name registered with CAC is one way to safeguard your school even if it hasn’t been approved by the state Ministry of Education.

We can help you do the registration within the next 5days!

Some other benefits of registering your school name are:

  1. It gives your school a legal backing and parents will be glad to pay their wards’ school fees, if your school name is registered.
  2. When you register your school name in Nigeria, you are positioned as the legitimate owner and the school name is secured and protected just for you, thereby not allowing other school owners to obtain the same name as yours.
  3. It builds up trust in the heart of parents. How?

There is this sense of positive perception that sparks up in the heart of parents for your school when they know that you are operating a school that has it’s name registered.

You wouldn’t want to lose your pupils to your competitors simply because their schools are registered and yours is not, would you?

It might even surprise you to know that one of the first documents required by any Nigerian Bank to open an account for your school is your CAC registration document.

That’s why you must make it a priority to have your school registered in 2019, and enjoy the current reduction in price before the month runs out.

There is more to registering your school name than just an identity, you are automatically exposed to more opportunities.

If you need help getting your school name registered, use the comment box below.

I’m Ola Isaac,

The 24hrs Company, Schools & Business Registration Expert.

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