LEAD THAT SHEEP by Sunday Felix


Most times, the position of leadership is confused to be the position of merriment or fun. That’s the reason why you see people contest for that position at whatever cost.
The Leadership position in the real sense is supposed to be a place where the real work is done.

When you conduct an election, the polling centers are not the places where results are known rather, the results are known at the INEC headquarters. This is because result comes from the head not any other part of a body.
No matter how Mikel Obi is good with the football, give him a bad leader, he will fumble on the pitch.

Leadership means Lead-that-sheep. not Leader-ship
Until you see leadership with this sight, you will not be known to be a leader. Rather you will be celebrated as a ruler.
Lead your followers well. They are sheep’s waiting for real leadership.
The sheep you don’t lead well today will become the goat that will eat your yams tomorrow.

Work while you lead and lead while you work. Please Share

Sunday, Felix …striving to create a positive mindset in the lives of youths.

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