See How Akin Alabi (NairaBet Founder) made 1 Million Naira on Konga

One of the most beautiful feelings of running an online business (or any business at all) happens when you receive payments for your products and services. That SMS alert of email notification can make one’s day.

See how Akin Alabi (NairaBet Founder) made 1 Million Naira on Konga

I have been having this feeling since 2003. I still get the feeling today even though I am now used to it. I feel it more when I start a new project and I make the first sale or when I reach a milestone.

My first experience was in 2003. I was selling a Canadian immigration information pack using emails and autoresponders. When I saw an email from the buyer that he had paid (there was no SMS alert back then), I almost ran mad. I went to the nearest branch of the bank I used then and it was confirmed.

So people can actually pay me money if I put out something people want to buy? That was my baptism in business. I got my foundation sorted. I don’t need any connection. I don’t need a chairman. I don’t need a contract…

I Don’t Need To Take Proposals Around Town.

I had the public. All I needed was find what they want to buy and sell it to them.

Back to my main gist.

About a month ago, I hit my first million naira sale on Konga. How did I do it? I sold my book, Small Business Big Money.

Let me explain.

Last year, I wrote a fantastic book cleverly titled Small Business Big Money. It is basically a guide to how you can start your own small business and turn it into a cash generation venture. I sell the book mostly at my events but I got advised to put it on E-commerce websites like Konga and Payporte. I then put it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Recently, total sales exceeded One Million Naira on Konga. I found that exciting. A book making over a million on a website? I’m not including the thousands of copies we sold on the day we launched it. Just last week, we sold hundreds of copies at my event. Youth Enterprise Conference (#YECO4). It’s quite “normal” for Nigerians to buy books at seminars but on websites? I’m thrilled.

How exactly did one million come in? It’s actually quite basic. A copy of the book costs N5,000 and we sold just 200 copies. N5,000 multiplied by 200 is a million.

The lesson is simple. If you want to make money, be it online or offline, sell something to people. Remember what I mentioned earlier. You don’t need any connection. You don’t need a chairman. You don’t need a contract…

You Don’t Need To Take Proposals Around Town.

If you are thinking 209 copies is not a lot, you have missed the entire point.

We have sold thousands and thousands of copies of the book. At every event I speak at, the book gets sold out. At NairaBET shops nationwide, the books are sold as well. It gets sold on Amazon as well and so on.

My point is Nigerians do not like to buy books online. If you want to sell online in Nigeria to Nigerians, you are advised not to sell books. So for Konga only to sell 209 copies and grossing over one million in sales, I am impressed.

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