Does your online business accept Credit Cards ?


Oh my website does not have SSL / NOT SECURE. .

I don’t even have a website that will enable me to accept credits card.

Drop your excuse, and learn how to accept #credits #card with or without a #Website.

Accepting credit cards is more than the simply learning how to swipe for service payments.

Accepting credit card payment helps grow and enhance your business in a number of ways.

Credit card use is on the rise. By 2020, nearly 75% of all business purchases will be put on plastic.

Accepting credit card payments is the inevitable future of businesses.

Below are few benefits of accepting credit card payments—all of which enhance your business.

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1. Increased Sales

Making the move from cash to plastic dramatically broadens your potential customer base.

The more customers you have, the more sales you can make.

Credit card industry research indicates that accepting credit cards increases business revenue by over 20 percent.

Diversifying how you accept payments makes your services and products more available to a larger market share.

2. Improved Cash Flow

Credit cards are convenient for both the customer and the merchant.

Businesses can track their revenue electronically, and customers are happy to nave additional options for payment . It’s a significant relief and benefit for any business.

3. Business Credibility

Credit card acceptance is a sign of credibility to current and potential customers.

You grab customer’s attention when you display logos of credit cards you accept on your website and even in your storefront’s window or in your mail.

4. Necessity For Online Businesses

Nearly all of the online transactions are made via debit or credit card.

If your business operates and sells products and services online, you cannot afford to NOT accept credit cards.

5. Improved Productivity

The transaction flow is conducted automatically with credit card processing.

Customers feel in charge when using debit and credit cards.

The quick transactions make the process of purchasing easier and more convenient.

Additionally, some studies indicate that customers are more likely to spend more when they use plastic over cash due to their line of credit.

The automated credit card acceptance allows funds to be deposited directly into your business account.

By accepting credit cards, you increase your productivity and focus on growth.

Now here is the question?
How do I set up credit card and receive payment directly to my bank account.

Me: the requirements are
1. BUSINESS /COMPANY registration (if your business is not yet registered, I can help you incorporate it with CAC in 5days.)

2. Corporate bank account (current account)

3. Business Information.

4. Website (optional)

If you meet up the requirement above, DROP YOUR COMMENT And I will help you with the integration.

Accepting plastic is an inevitable part of future businesses.

Modernize the way you accept payments and reap the benefits of happy customers and smooth business.

I am Ola Isaac.

I help businesses and entrepreneurs get seen, attract buyers and make more sales.



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