I lose money every year hosting Youth Enterprise Conference, says NairBET founder- Akin Alabi

The Reason Why I Organize Youth Enterprise Conference Every Year

I lose money every year hosting Youth Enterprise Conference. Last year, I think I lost about N20m. This year will likely be more because it will be bigger.

So why am I doing it if I’m losing so much money?

Well, it is because of the testimonies I receive every year from attendees. The event has changed the lives of so many people and I will be a wicked person to stop just because of financial reasons. Everyday, I receive messages from past attendees telling me how their fortune has changed through what they learnt or the contact they made.

My assistant, Precious, just showed me one of such messages a few minutes ago. I am reproducing it word for word. No changes at all.

Hello sir,

I am really in a very hyper mood writing this mail to you. I probably guess you have forgotten about me but I don’t think I will forget you forever. This is Seyi Ajibola. The guy from kebbi that you gave 100k and a flight
ticket back home at Yeco 2017.

I have tried reaching you on all your social media platforms but I understand it is not easy getting the attention of people like Otunba. I shouted, mentioned and screamed on twitter. I even slided into your DM on
IG and Snapchat but all to no avail. Until I remember I still have Ms Precious (Your PA) Number with me. I was so excited cos I never believe I will still be able to get in touch with you.

I know by now you will be wondering why I went to all this length just to reach you. I believe my mum has raised a wonderful son. She has taught me showing gratitude to people who has done something good along my journey in life needs to be appreciated.

I guess none or few of us you gave 100k each has been back to give you reports on how we spent the money be

cause that’s what I am here to do. Pardon me sir if it looks weird. I can’t just keep it to myself. You have
touched lives and being one of them, it gladdens me to let you know about it.

Even though, I have handled money far more than 100k, gifting me that money changed my entire life that day because it got me in a totally different position and I am so excited to give you reports on how I have spend it
and how it as multiplied into something big.

Getting such a big amount of money was my first ever gift in a life time. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon and even the wooden one I was born with is shared among the entire family. It meant a great deal to me. I knew it
wasn’t by chance you gave me the money. I knew it was time to go another level.

I have followed you since I was 16 years after I left secondary school. I think my first contact with you was on Naijaloaded or Nairaland. I am not so sure right now. In fact, reading your mails influenced my application to
study in the University of Ibadan since you talked about the city of Ibadan back then.

I have never lived in Lagos. I was born and raised in Akure and I can’t but give thanks to God even more for the Internet that made me get to know you.

Now to the main reason for the mail which is the report of how I spent the money, I have been able to use the money to start a fresh online business for myself. I immediately opened a website in my name at www.seyiajibola.com and I have ever made a reasonable amount of money teaching people about cryptocurrency and starting a business.

I am glad I have been able to learn copywriting and crush online marketing after all this while. And I am really optimistic that the future I have dreamt about is not even close yet.

The most important thing is the impact I have made in a short while. As I speak to you now, I and a friend have cofounded a charity foundation where we focus on widows and orphans and have since being able to impact over 10 orphans by sending them to school in less than a year.

I have moved to Abuja now where I now stay alone in my small one bedroom apartment where I am free to run my business from home and keep impacting the world. It hasn’t been easy but I am grateful the gifting of that money was able to make me think differently.

I hope to be at this year’s YEC and hopefully to share my story with you face to face and also to tell as many youths that I can tell about how it is important to be responsible for their lives. God bless you sir and Keep
making you bigger in all you lay your hands to do.

I know I have not had a personal relationship with you but I am privileged to have this one I have. I am your biggest fan and I have ever been bold to tell people I know the man behind the greatest betting company in Nigeria and how he gifted me 100k last year.

My regards goes to your family at large and most importantly, your nice and beautiful PA, Mrs Precious for granting me this opportunity to have this Mail forward to you. I also pray God will continue to bless her and make everything perfect for her life.

Thanks once more sir. May the good lord continue to bless you to impact as many people as you did to me.

Seyi Ajibola,
Entrepreneur, Writer, Internet Marketer, Business Strategist
CEO, ShainZuo, Comfixam

See why I can’t stop doing this?

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