Fela Durotoye Formally Declares 2019 Presidential Ambition And This Is How Nigerians Are Reacting To It

Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Consultant, Fela Durotoye, on Thursday, February 22nd formally declared his ambition to run for Presidency, come 2019 running under the party, Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN).

“I stand here on behalf of this generation of leaders to declare that we are now willing, able; ready to serve our nation through the elective office; we are not too young to run, …

“We are young, but we are strong; we are ready to deliver the quality of leadership; governance required to build a new Nigeria.

“To build the Nigeria of our dreams would require exceptional candidates who would emerge from a pool of excellent; credible aspirants chosen by the people to represent them at the general elections. And so, over the last few months, I have researched into several political parties to determine if their ideologies, vision and values resonate with mine.

“I am glad to announce that one party has resonated more with me than any other in sharing common ideology, principles and a truly democratic internal political process that is open to all to aspire…

“A party that provides a level playing field for the best candidates to emerge at all levels for Legislative & Executive offices. That party is the Alliance For New Nigeria.

“And today 22nd of February 2018, I have formalized my membership with the ALLIANCE FOR NEW NIGERIA (ANN) & become a member of this great party.

“It Is Our Time… And together, we will deliver the future”.

God Bless You all.

God Bless our Alliance For New Nigeria.

And May God Bless our Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Reactions have however trailed his ambition has people have reacted to it on Twitter



Fela durotoye should start small lmaooooooo

We are so obsessed with Political experience thats why we end up with people like Dalung and Shittu.


A vote for Fela Durotoye is a vote for Buhari, you better wake up!


Not a fan of Fela Durotoye but he has done the right thing, by joining a party (ANN) and putting himself forward… That’s what the Constitution says.. Not some RED CARD or Coalition thing that has no bearing. Wish him all the best.


Let’s have Fela Durotoye,
Let’s have Kingsley Moghalu
Let’s have Peter Obi
Let’s have Ibrahim Dankwambo
Let’s have options besides Buhari and Atiku
Let’s have a real election


I don’t know why you guys are talking about the Fela Durotoye for President nonsense. That shit is dead on arrival. The guy can’t even win the Polling booth in his village.

Let us talk about how we are voting Buhari out and ignore the sidepiece that Durotoye is.


On Fela Durotoye, it is great that he has decided to run for office of the President of Nigeria. Allowing himself be reduced to Motivational Speaker in the last 6 weeks reduced his milage a lot. His handlers need to point to his decade long experience of Management Consulting.


If Fela Durotoye joins PDP or APC today and the party presents him for their Presidential candidate, the same people talking trash about him will EMBRACE him.


I like the fact that Fela Durotoye is running for office as president…it’s nice and that’s all it is NICE.

What I don’t like is the idiots deceiving him…

Fela is not ready for it and Nigeria is not ready for Fela.

Run in your local area and make impact. Start from there.


Scenes when Fela Durotoye wins the 2019 elections, locks up your favorite messiah for corruption and arrests everybody that has worked for NEPA from 95 till date


Asides from being a motivational speaker, I don’t really know anything about Fela Durotoye but I’ll pick him if the options are Buhari and that fabric, I don’t care about him not holding a post before, we already gambled with the gap toothed fraud


It appears Fela Durotoye was against subsidy removal.

We really need to understand his views on economics.

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